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Whether you're buying your first home, or an investment property or upgrading to your next home, an Ipswich & West Moreton Building Services building inspection gives you the knowledge and peace of mind that you need about your real estate investment.

We also provide computer generated reports not tick and flick reports.

Buying a house or unit is one of the biggest investments of your life. So it is important that you do your research on who you will engage to do your building inspection. Remember not all building inspectors offer the same service. Detailed building inspections can help you avoid extensive unforeseen repairs which can turn your investment into a nightmare. This may also help you to determine what you are prepared to pay for the property.

Pre- purchase building inspections are carried out by many different service providers. However, the service provided in an Ipswich & West Moreton Building Services inspection is not only a comprehensive building inspection of the property but also inspects other aspects of the property within the Australian Standards AS4349. 1-2007. It is important that your inspector provides a Building Inspection agreement prior to inspecting the property for you. This lets you know the scope of the inspection and the report and the limitations of a pre purchase building inspection. Ipswich & West Moreton Building Services work in conjunction with local Licensed Pest inspectors. We can organise the Pest inspection to be carried out at the same time we do the Building inspection. If you have a pest inspector that you currently use we are happy to organise to work with them together at the inspection. All it takes is one call to Lisa in the office on 07 32941234 and she will arrange the Building & Pest inspections to be carried out within your time frame. Lisa will also contact the real estate agent to gain access to the property to carry out the inspections.